About Us

About Us

FOR ALMOST 70 YEARS, The Seminar has been the premier
organization of the highest-ranking communications and public
affairs executives at the world's most influential corporations,
nonprofit organizations and public relations agencies. The Seminar is
at once an organization and an event, providing top professionals
with a forum, a network and an exchange for the sharing of ideas at
an annual three-day meeting.

Since 1952, The Seminar’s annual gathering has offered Seminarians
an opportunity to understand issues of major consequence to the
institutions they serve and to foster community among professionals
with common interests and responsibilities.

Each year, The Seminar Committee designs a dynamic program that
provides a broad perspective on the major trends and issues
impacting Seminarians’ organizations and Seminarians themselves.
The Seminar program is not about the practice of communications,
focusing instead on topics such as technology, economics, health
care, culture, the arts, environment and more.

The program also includes topics of personal relevance, from
leadership to wellness. Outstanding, relevant and provocative programming is a hallmark of The Seminar.

During the year, Seminarians also connect as an informal network for
the exchange of ideas, fellowship, information and best practices. In
fact, when fellow Seminarians contact each other, we make it a point
to get respond within 24 hours. The relationships created
among leaders within The Seminar truly last a lifetime..

Our Mission

The mission of The Seminar is to expand the capability of the most
senior communications and public affairs executives by facilitating:

Leadership. Stimulating provocative insights, ideas and knowledge
pertaining to world events and political, social, economic and
technological trends to enable communications and public affairs
executives to contribute more fully to the leadership of their

Insight. Enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences to better
meet the communication needs of Seminarians and to help add value
to their roles in their respective organizations or clients.

Fellowship. Fostering the acquaintanceship of leading
communications and public affairs executives who are advancing
policy and practice.